Spend Less Time On Lead Generation

Completely FREE email and social extractor and validator.


How It Works

Simply navigate through websites and GrowthHunt will automatically extract all emails and social handles for you. Once finished with searching, you will be able to download all of them as CSV in one batch and import them in Excel or Google Sheets.
Extract emails and social handles
Advanced email validation COMING SOON
Show current page results
Save contacts in one place
Export CSV
Blacklist contacts
Remove duplicates
Keep data over multiple sessions
Select which contacts to ignore for export
Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook

Our Values


Cold outreach to quality leads brings value to both the sender and the receiver. Our goal is to provide you with leads that make sense for your business and are not annoying for the person on the other side.


We hate when every app tracks us everywhere we go. Thus our extension does not collect any private data, has no tracking and is spam free. If you are wondering how we than make money, read more here.

No spam

We don't show you any advertisement, send you unrelated emails or spam you in any other way. We don't make money off the free version of this extension as we plan to monetise with additional related products.


About Us

GrowthHunt is just two geeks who wanted to automate their lead generation workflow and found that current browser extensions are lacking in usability and functionality that is offered for free.

How do we make money

You might be wondering why such a feature reach extension comes for FREE and where is the catch. Well, there is none. Our goal with this extension is to show our users that we create quality lead generation products and listen to our users. We are planning to monetise through more advanced lead generation tools that we will build on top of this extension. The tools are still in the making but you can see what we are up to here. 🤠